Smart Geopolymers

The project was a participant in the Fire Forum Award under the category of "Best Scientific Studies that Promote the Fire Safety of People and Goods." Although the project did not secure victory in the competition, it served as a valuable platform to showcase the exemplary work we accomplished. This opportunity allowed us to raise awareness of our project within the industries in Belgium, highlighting the positive contributions to fire safety

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Project News

Poster Presentation

International meeting - XI International Materials Symposium (Materiais 2022) - by Tânia Gameiro with the work “Evaluation of the reactivity of red mud-based slags for geopolymers production” from April 10 to13, 2022 in Marinha Grande, Portugal.

Poster Presentation

National meeting - Jornadas do CICECO 2022 – Hand in Hand with Society - by Zélia Alves with the work “Lightweight composite materials using porous red mud-based spherical geopolymers as aggregates” on October 14, 2022 in Aveiro, Portugal.

Oral Presentation

International meeting - 10th Scientific-Technical Conference on Material Problems in Civil Engineering – MATBUD’2023 - by Zélia Alves with the work “Lightweight geopolymer composites: the impact of the aggregate” from April 19-21, 2023 in Krakow, Poland.

Journal Punblication

Investigation of Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Construction- and Demolition-Waste-Based Geopolymers

Journal Publication

Mechanical Response of Geopolymer Foams to Heating—Managing Coal Gangue in Fire-Resistant Materials Technology

Kick-off meeting

The kick of meeting of the project took place on the first of December 2020 with all the partners making presentations on the work they have undertaken towards the implementation of the project.

Progress Meeting 06/2021

Smart-G project is well on track ! The partners gathered on a virtual meeting on the 14nth of June 2021 to make an overview of the project activities so far and discuss the upcoming steps. 

The project

SMART-G targets the production of light weight, fire resistant components for the construction industry from metallurgical and construction industrial residues. The different waste streams will be combined in the right proportions and with the addition of Ca, geopolymers can be developed at defined setting rates. As such a new value chain/business model will be developed having as final application the insulating panels which can used as nonflammable insulating materials for buildings or for concrete protection in tunnels.

This project has received funding from the ERAMIN 2 - Research & Innovation Programme on Raw Materials to Foster Circular Economy